My name is Eda Sofía, and I am a Mexican-Italian-Costarican very passionate social reform advocate. I currently live, work and mother in the gorgeous weather-ever-changing Naarm (also known as Melbourne) in Boon Wurrung Country. I am versatile and highly energetic, with a deep passion for human rights and the arts. 

My extensive background in communications, particularly within the creative,  humanitarian, diversity, and inclusion sectors, has given me the opportunity to lead and manage diverse teams. I undergone extensive research & training in the field of gender equality and my commitment to this field is palpable and ever-present. I am currently undergoing work to submitt a PhD proposal hoping to start my research early 2025.

Beyond my professional life (which so often intertwines with my personal one, as it does for almost anyone else working in this field), I am a  writer*, communicator, ice-cream connoisseur, curiosity follower, experience seeker, graphic designer, dancing mother, daughter and sister.

I am currently working on my fourth autofictional novel, and contributing original articles to some printed and online magazines.

* Most of my personal writing (which you will find here) is in Spanish, so feel free to translate knowing that a big part of it may get lost; especially the rhythm. I am constantly typing away trying to amend by having a more language-balanced sample of my thoughts and experiences.

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