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Judith, I’ve been meaning to write this since… who knows when? I can’t even remember accurately how much time has passed since we started our trip together. Sometimes I feel it’s been one or two years, but most of the time I feel it’s been a lifetime, and I end up wondering if it was […]
Gordita, Sabina, te mueres así de pronto y me recuerdas tantas cosas. Cosas que de cualquier manera nunca olvido por más que lo intento. Lo haces real, me lo escupes en la cara, o debería decir, babeas. Lo haces presente, aquello de lo que nos olvidamos por estar viviendo.
Aún no puedo hablar de lo que es ser madre; no lo conozco. Pero puedo hablar de lo que se siente tener un papá y una mamá como los míos, y no hay cosa en mi vida de lo que esté más agradecida que de mis padres y de la invención del helado.
I call you because for the past few years that is what we’ve been doing half of the time: talking on the phone separated my thousands of miles. And as I type “few years” I’m surprised of the passing of time [as always] but especially of the time I’ve spent by your side. Who would […]
There are periods in life that are just weird, harsh, different. Periods in life that we remember for ever. In a way, those are probably the best; the ones that prevail, the ones we talk about afterwards repeating ourselves unceasingly; the ones from which memories are made of, sometimes short [...]